Gordo’s Goodie Gumdrops had been blown to smithereens, and I was the sap got stuck right in the middle of it all. Granted, I knew who’d done it, not that I could prove anything, mind you, but there weren’t no question on who’d actually been responsible for the dirty little deed.

Why, it was Silver-foxed Mulligan, of Course. Much more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, than an actual fox. But that was all just semantics. Whatever the heck those thing are. I’ve Just heard that mentioned in the past once in passing, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t seem perfectly apt for the situation at hand.

Enna-who, it’s long-since common knowledge that Mulligan’s been working her way through all the local candy shops in Flaverton, MO. Old Rotten-Toothed Mulligan, as she’d been referred to down south, had started her reign of confectionary terror with Sweetie Tooth Sally’s on Blood-Sugar Blvd, burning it to the ground, then worked her way across town to Gordo’s Gumdrops at the Comfort Corner Roundabout, where she’d set explosives to ignite remotely, so, of course, to limit her proximity to the blast, as Gordo’s had been reduced to rubble.

Mulligan had been seen by multiple Morningside Park patrons, first at 8am, feeding the ducks, and then at 8:35am, feeding the ducks some more; an airtight alibi if ever there was one.

This all has been in hopes, we know now, at getting at all those little
Piggies who run the candy shops; first with our town, and then onto the world. No real idea yet as to why, other than Mulligan’s long-standing disdain for Sweats of all kinds; honestly, she’s always been, in the most simplistic of terms, a fucking sourpuss.

So then this leaves us now with only one candy shoppe left standing; The world famous, candycopia of the north-west, most traveled destination for candy and sweets in the entire breathing world, known only as Margot Smairtie’s Golden Palace. Though to be honest, I have NO idea how Mulligan plans on getting into that particular place, being that it has been fortified with wrought iron, steel and brick. However, you may all rest-assured that we will all be there waiting to arrest the suspect, once she’s inevitably exhausted herself in trying.

More to come.